Domaine Laroche Chablis Premium Cru

Domaine Laroche Chablis and oysters ……….one of my favourite pairings. 🦪 🥂

Chablis (“Shah-blee”) is a Chardonnay-making wine region in the northwest corner of Burgundy, France. Due to its cooler climate, Chablis produces wines with more acidity and flavors that are less fruity than Chardonnay wines grown in warmer climates.

Chablis is actually 100% Chardonnay wine that rarely uses oak-aging, resulting in a very different style and taste profile.

Domaine Laroche Chablis Premium Cru

domaine laroche chablis
la roche wine
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This Chablis is crisp with flavours of lemon, apple, peach, with slight honey flavours and minerality. Super delicious now but will only get better with age.

Although this is one of my favourite oyster pairings, Chablis is also great paired with pork, fish, seafood, and soft and mild cheese. It has 12.5% alcohol and only 2 g/L sugar.

This Premium Cru is best served at 10-11°

You can find this Domaine Laroche Les Vaudevey Chablis at the LCBO VINTAGES#: 416057

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