Stina Vugava 2019 Crisp White Wine From Croatia

Have you tried Stina Vugava wine? Vugava is an indigenous white grape variety grown in Dalmatia, Croatia, and known as one of the oldest indigenous grape varieties in Croatia. Although Vugava is grown predominantly on the island of Vis, it is also grown on Brač.

 The Vugava grape is believed to be over 2,000 years old and as per Total Croatia Wine, It is believed that the French variety Viognier is genetically linked to Vugava, although it has not been proven. I haven’t tasted Vugava from Vis, it is said that Vugava from Vis and Brač have different characteristics.

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Stina Vugava White Wine

Stina Vugava Wine From Brač

I believe that Stina winery is the only winery on Brač that is producing Vugava wine. The Vugava grapes are hand-harvested in the early morning in order to preserve the freshness and the flavor of the grapes. The grapes are cellared and cooled before pressing with fermentation in steel tanks sure lie. The wine is matured in steel tanks for 6 months before bottling.

This Stina Vugava from Brač, is fresh and crisp with flavours of citrus, apricots, and peach, with slight flavours of honey. Serving Recommendation:  10 – 12°C. We paired with wine with grilled swordfish.

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